About Us

executive summary

Founded in 2000, IT Resourcing is a Tasmanian based organisation committed to providing both professional and technical IT services. We work with our clients to select, implement and manage IT products and services that leverage the maximum possible value from their investments.

We cater for small to medium sized businesses as well as enterprise and government demographics, with many notable clients including Tasmanian Railways, Primary Health Tasmania, Liberty Bell Bay, South 32 as well as Launceston, Kentish and Latrobe Councils.

Vision & Strategic Direction

IT Resourcing advises, develops and manages high quality, innovative, cost effective IT solutions that create real and sustainable value for its clients. The primary focus is to be a trusted advisor, recommending solutions that are fit for both purpose and use. The IT Resourcing business model is one that is sustainable, manageable and profitable.

IT Resourcing strives to be:

A centre of IT
excellence through
the delivery of

A trusted IT service
advisor of choice

company that fosters

Growing through a
model that is
manageable and

The business model is built around three key elements of service;

advise, develop and manage.